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Executive Coaching

Partnership is critical in coaching. You bring the agenda that’s important to you and I guide you in a process of discovery and insight. The trust we build creates a safe space for real learning to happen and real change to begin. It’s never dull and usually enlightening because we get to the heart of the matter. Then we design the strategies and actions to propel you forward.


You, your situation, your goals – all are unique. One size does not fit all in leadership coaching so we will focus together to clarify your goals and outcomes. In our coaching, you may have insights that free you. You may begin to see your situation more clearly through a different lens. In these moments, I will help you discover the small shifts that affect the bigger changes you desire.


A new mindset, a new action, or even a small adjustment has the power to transform. Practice creates new habits that sustain the change you want for yourself and the people around you. It’s your own resourcefulness that enables your potential and my coaching helps you tap into it.

Leadership Team Coaching

Individual leaders may function well in their own right, leading their own functions or domains of expertise. However, the same group of talented leaders, when part of a team, do not necessarily function cohesively together. My team coaching ignites the collective leadership power within the team.


Working together, we get crystal clear about the right conditions for the team to accomplish its work. We partner together to achieve internal alignment on clarity of purpose and objectives, the right people doing the right work, the norms for working together, the organizational support required, the processes to support the work, and the team learning required to continually achieve together.


By co-creating the strategies to practice team leadership - in ways that leverage the collective potential in each leader - the team achieves its purpose. My team coaching creates a “one to many” effect because I support the team’s leader alongside the whole team. Team members coach and are coached so they develop more quickly. This increases the collective leadership of the team - - leadership greater than the sum of its parts. When leaders use new team coaching skills with their own teams, they drive real change across the organization.

Examples of Team Coaching

Executives in new roles inheriting an existing team

Newly formed teams

Project teams

Teams in performance trouble

Merged teams through company reorganization

Non-profit teams and their boards

Leadership Team Coaching

Executive Development

The best leaders are always learning and the best organizations help them do it. I design targeted assessment and development strategies for High Potential, Emerging, and Critical Role leaders. It’s a custom approach using facilitated discovery and learning to achieve performance goals today and ensure readiness and leadership agility for your business tomorrow. Working together, we’ll align your best talent with your highest business priorities – I call it “highest and best use”.


While we tend to believe that many leaders are high potential, research reveals that few can actually achieve either the next level up or an expanded scope. I work with you to understand your leaders through the lenses of performance and potential, personal strengths and motivations, and common derailers. I partner with your leaders to help them gain insight into their effectiveness through coaching and business-aligned development strategies. This gets everyone on the same page, making development choices that matter to your leaders, your team and, most importantly, to your highest business priorities.

Executive Development

Executive Transition

First and foremost, transition is about change. Sometimes it’s a change you design yourself, that you plan over time, and that suites your purpose. More often, it seems to be a change driven by urgent business needs with little time to get your head around it – let alone your heart into it - before you are spinning in the whitewater.


Transition Coaching shortens your time to productivity, effectiveness and contribution. The good news: we know that making it through the rapids requires looking ahead and paddling hard through the whitewater. It’s what keeps you in the boat. The bad news: many go it alone, banking their future success on their own heroics and past achievements.


New situations require new thinking, diverse perspective, and constant learning. I’ll help you assess the situation and by leveraging your experience and strengths, you will enable your own  success.



People develop through introspection and experience and because they choose to. They see the results that come from a consistent desire to be better tomorrow than today. 


Assessments serve a strategic role in your talent management strategies. The right one at the right time can pivot someone’s insight and understanding of themselves and their situation. New insights offer new choices and new choices lead to different results. The constant change we experience in business and in life requires this continuous learning.


I bring forth decades of assessment experience applied to your business needs: accelerating development of your high potential leaders, informing selection on your team, creating awareness that improves performance, evaluating bench potential, providing feedback for new managers, and leveraging personality strengths and diversity within and across teams. More specifically, with teams, we can get a line of sight on the conditions necessary to ensure success.


My toolbox is filled with well-validated and reliable assessments. We’ll determine if, when, and how to use them based on your specific situation. It’s an approach that weighs time and cost with defined outcomes that drive your business.

Executive Transition
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